Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Premiere of Shep & Tiffany Watch TV on Bravo this Thursday!

Hi Oddlings,

We're pleased to announce the premiere of Shep & Tiffany Watch TV: The Best of 2010 this Thursday December 23rd at 11pm EST/PST on Bravo!

The show features Shep and his girlfriend Tiffany as they discover their DVR is filled with reality TV shows they'd recorded throughout the year. Instead of going out, they decide to stay in and watch all of their favorite guilty pleasures...including The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Jersey Shore, Millionaire Matchmaker, The Rachel Zoe Project, and Top Chef...in order to clear their DVR for more reality TV in 2011. Have a sneak peek at the online trailer.

If you're into the crazy lives of reality stars like Snooki and The Situation, check it out on Bravo this Thursday.

Happy holidays!