Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oddbot's newest show...featuring puppets!

Hey friends,

OddBot has created a new puppet series that'll leave you with a toothy grin! It's a mixture of foam, felt, magic, fun and more foam sprinkled with magic!

OddBot's latest series "The Purple Wizard Red Cowboy Show" features an evil wizard that spends his days trying to cast irritating spells on smelly villagers...but doesn't get very far due the carefree antics of the local cowboy.

Check out all four episodes, featuring Lollipop Fairies, the celebratory Honk Day, Red Cowboy's introduction to wizardry, and some interesting news for Purple Wizard.

You can get links to new episodes posted via Facebook and Twitter, or you can subscribe to OddBot's YouTube channel and see all of our shows!

Enjoy, HONK!