Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ad-Bot in Animation Magazine!


-When you're flipping through your August edition of Animation Magazine en route to Comic Con, be sure to peep THIS:

-That's right folks... Right there, on lucky page 13, is our very first full-page OddBot print ad! Clone Wars Yoda blessed the entire issue personally, so it's sure to liven up any coffee table, magazine rack, or toilet tank lid with Jedi "Force!"

-Our little mascot grins away in his signature style while he gets a wee bit of work done on him. Speaking of, that's what we do best! We get work DONE!

Better than a centerfold,
-OddBot, Inc.

Updated OddBot Reel!


-The OddBot studio reel has been updated for Summer of 2008. Pull off your sunglasses and get a load of US!

OddBot, Inc. Reel Summer 2008 from OddBot, Inc. Animation on Vimeo.

Wearing our sunblock,
-OddBot, Inc.