Monday, October 27, 2008

ZeFronk's Official Tasty Site!


-Playhouse Disney has launched the official Tasty Time with ZeFronk Web Site!

-On the ZeFronk site, parents and kids will find all sorts of ZeFronk fun! There's recipes and videos from the show, and even pictures to print out and color at home!

-There's also a link to "Say hello" to ZeFronk, Dom, and Sue. Clickitty-click your way on over and tell them OddBot sent ya!

Savoring the taste,
-oddBot, Inc.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cold Hard and ODD!


-It's interview time again! Head Bot Christopher Hamilton sat down with Aaron Simpson from Cold Hard Flash to talk about the recent successes of Can You Teach My Alligator Manners? on Playhouse Disney. Aaron and Chris talk about how the show came about, OddBot's integration of traditional animation techniques with Flash efficiency, and OddBot's direction philosophy with these fun shorts.

-Click the CHF logo image below to read the interview and watch a streaming clip from our "Movie Manners" episode!

-Thanks, Cold Hard Flash! We love what you're doing for the Flash animation community!

Linkin' it in,
-OddBot, Inc.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Odd Little Animation Magazine Write-Up!


-If you're picking up the November issue of Animation Magazine (which we recommend you DO), be sure to flip to page 64! The editors had a little inverview with Christopher Hamilton about the past couple projects we've completed!

-If you like marshmallows and weiner dogs, you're probably gonna wanna click on the writeup below. Chris had something to say about both while talking about "Tasty Time with ZeFronk" and "Maryoku Yummy!" We're getting hungry just typing this up! Click the image to expand it to deliciously readable size!

Dotting our eyes,
-OddBot, Inc.

Monday, October 13, 2008

OddBot "Lights the Way" on iTunes!


-Another OddBot production has found its way into the iTunes store. For FREE! Designed and animated by OddBot, Inc, "Lucy, Light the Way!" is available by podcast as a segment of PBS Kids Sprout's "Good Night Show."

-This adorable piece features a visual guessing game hosted by Lucy the firefly as she zips about in the night sky.

-Click the image at the top of the post for all the iTunes goodness!

Lighting up kids' faces,
-OddBot, Inc.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ZeFronk Gets Ze Links!


-It looks like we're not the only ones talking about the premiere of “Tasty Time with ZeFronk!” The internet is abuzz with news of our lovable French Weiner-dog!

AWN Top Story!

Animation Magazine Cooks with Us!

ToonBarn Adds Our Story To Their Stable!

Even the DOGS Love Us!

Loving the linkage,
-OddBot, Inc.

Friday, October 3, 2008

OddBot and Playhouse Disney Cook Up "Tasty Time with ZeFronk!"


-It's with hearts full of pride and stomachs full of snacks that OddBot announces "Tasty Time with ZeFronk!"

-Featuring the legendary voice talent of Rob Paulsen as our canine title Chef and Mark Hamill as his pesky neighor cat, "Tasty Time with ZeFronk" is a fun and delicious take on healthy cooking for kids! Stuffed with try-along-with-a-parent goodness, the only thing these episodes will leave you hungry for is more episodes!

-Playhouse Disney will be premiering this new series of adorable cartoon shorts Saturday, November 8th at 6:25am (Just in time for breakfast)! We hope you can see the TV from your kitchen!

More puns than you can stomach,
-OddBot, Inc.