Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Bot-thday!

OddBot is a year old today!!!

With the ever-increasing hum of a pubescent cyborg, OddBot, Inc. is celebrating our first full year as a studio!

They say the first year is the biggest hurdle (and we never were too good at Track & Field), so naturally we are EXTREMELY grateful to all those who helped make this critical toddler-time such a success!

Here are some official highlights from our first "full season":

We got "Creeped Out" by Weird Al Yankovic with Jib-Jab.

The caring never stopped with Kay Hanley and the Care Bears.

We adventured far and wide with "Mr. Mailman" as our guide (layer)...
Nyuk nyuk... (FlashjokeeventhoughitwasanimatedinAfterEffects).

We played it SAFE with Lou & Lou for Playhouse Disney.

A heavy Korn-feeding helped us to further our "Evolution!"

We'll keep you updated with more exciting news of OddBot animation as it goes to air! We promise from the bottom of our chrome-plated hearts.

In the meantime, we're gonna go blow out our candle and eat some cupcakes...

-OddBot, Inc.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

OddBot Gets AWN-ed!


-AWN (Animation World Network, duh!) has seen fit to chat with our very own Boss Bot, Christopher Hamilton!

-Chris gabs with the trade 'zine about short-format animation and its apparent rise in popularity of late...

-OddBot's work bookends the article, with Chris as the first production studio interviewed (as well as a top-of-page screen shot from Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol). One of the final points touched on in the article is the success of The Many Adventures of Mr. Mailman, whose most recent episodes were produced by OddBot, as well.

-Wow. You'd think we were totally awesome, or something!

-Check it out here:


Keep it Odd, folks... Por Vida.

OddBot Plays it SAFE!

Hello OddLings,

-OddBot, Inc. played host to none other than Grace Rolek, star of Playhouse Disney's "Lou & Lou: Safety Patrol!"

-OddBot, Inc. is currently in production on the third round of these adorably fun animated shorts. Grace's voicings of "Louise" bring levity and enthusiasm to the role, and we at OddBot couldn't be more thrilled to be working with her!

-We started with a tour of the new studio digs, moved into some pizza, had a rousing round of patio badminton, and ended with a Dual-Screened lesson on Nintendogs!

-All in all, a fantastic visit from a favorite!

Grace (with safety cone) and the crew at OddBot, Inc. These smiles check out, Lou!

Odd as ever,
-OddBot, Inc.